Fruiting Begins, Problems Start


Japanese Black Trifele

The tomatoes and cucumbers are starting to produce! The very first tomato to set fruit was one of my Japanese Black Trifeles in a container, and it seems my other home-grown varieties are not far behind.


Dead blossoms

The one plant that I bought at the farmer’s market, my German Striped tomato, has not been doing as well. First I noticed some yellowing lower leaves and then I noticed the blossoms were turning brown and falling off. Then healthy leaves started curling inwards. What the heck? I dosed it today with a handful of crushed eggshells and epsom salt water to see if that will help. I do hope I get some tomatoes from it this year, if only so I can save some seeds and try again.


Crushed eggshell soil amendment, plus rabbit poop fertilizer


Mouse Melon!

My super-cute little Mouse Melon plants have also started to fruit. I can’t wait to try this tiny little cucumber variety. The name really sells it for me.

DSC_0015My other Cornichon pickling cukes are growing fast. I was noticing today that some yellowing was appearing on the edges of the leaves, so they all got epsom salt water too. We’ll see what transpires. At least all the little baby cukes are looking good!


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