Sales Policy


We operate on a first come, first served basis unless you have reserved a specific rabbit  with a 50% deposit. If reserved rabbits are not picked up at the designated time without notice, your deposit is forfeited and the rabbit will be offered for sale again.

We accept cash or e-transfer. Deposits are non-refundable except in certain situations. Please be sure to bring a suitable carrier at time of pick-up.

Breeding or show abilities cannot be guaranteed. Your rabbit will be healthy at the time of sale and it is your responsibility to check over your new rabbit to be sure there are no problems. We will not be responsible for any vet bills incurred by rabbits that have been sold.

We have the right to refuse a sale for any reason and all sales are final once the rabbit leaves our premises. If for some reason in the future you cannot keep your rabbit, we will accept them back but there will be no refunds.

Please DO NOT bring your dog to our rabbitry, and if you bring children they must be well-behaved, quiet and under control.

In general, we operate as a closed rabbitry. This means that we do not allow guests inside and instead we bring rabbits out for you to view. This is for biosecurity reasons as well as the comfort and safety of the rabbits. We will sometimes make exceptions.

Thank you!



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