Raw Pet Food

We are pleased to now offer limited amounts of home-raised, non GMO rabbits for sale as pet food. Please contact us for availability or to place your order in advance. We butcher to order and do not always have all products in stock.

Raw meat, bones and organs are what cats and dogs have evolved to eat. Neither cats nor dogs have the ability to digest grains, fruits or vegetables, and they can get everything they require nutritionally from a whole prey model diet. Especially cats, who are obligate carnivores.

Rabbit is an ideal food for both cats and dogs as they are appropriately-sized prey that cats and dogs already catch and eat in the wild. Rabbit meat is naturally very lean and nutritious, and all our rabbits are raised with loving care and good, non GMO/organic food. They are dispatched in the most humane way possible by cervical dislocation.



Whole Young Rabbit  – $4/lb
(fasted for 24 hours, fur on, frozen, 3-5 lbs per rabbit)

Whole Dressed Young Rabbit –  $6/lb
(skinned, frozen, with stomach and intestines removed, includes liver, kidneys, heart and lungs, 1.5 to 4 lbs per rabbit)


Frozen rabbit paws and dried raw rabbit pelts – $2/lb
(An excellent crunchy and nutritious treat that will have your dog begging for more)

This is how dogs were meant to eat. Our skin-on rabbits are fasted for 24 hours before butchering in order to clean out as much of the intestinal tract as possible. The entire rabbit, including the fur, bones, head and feet are all edible; and the challenge of eating a whole prey diet is beneficial for dental health as well as mental enrichment. Your dog may or may not eat the stomach and intestines. Either way is fine.

Raw prey can be messy, so we recommend you feed your dog outside or on a towel. Most dogs will accept frozen food and many prefer it. You can either portion your whole prey while frozen into slabs with a sharp knife, or you can remove the leftovers once your dog has finished their portion and refreeze for later.

Keep in mind that dogs don’t need a balanced meal each day – as long as they get everything they need over time, just like we do. It’s also considered healthy for the canine digestive system to occasionally allow your dog to gorge on a big meal and then fast them for a day or two afterwards. This is how a wolf is used to eating and has the added benefit of conditioning your dog not to obsess over daily mealtimes.


Raw fed cats are some of the happiest, and most beautifully healthy cats in the world! Express your deep love for your feline companions by providing them with the “living”, moist foods they have evolved to eat.



Basic Rabbit and Chicken Recipe for all life stages – $8/lb


Fresh Coturnix quail eggs – $3/doz.
(minimum order of 4 dozen)

Our specialty is cat food! We have six resident cats here at the rabbitry and they all get to enjoy our homemade raw rabbit food product. I have been refining this recipe for almost ten years now and it’s based on the ideal meal for a cat, the field mouse. Every ingredient is of human grade quality. Further information about this basic recipe can be found on veterinarian Dr. Lisa Piersons excellent website: catinfo.org.

It’s suitable for all life stages and can be customized to suit your cat. The main ingredient is finely ground bone-in rabbit, and we also add about 25% finely ground bone-in human grade chicken. All meats are ground on site to maintain ultimate freshness. We include pieces of chunked meat in order to maintain dental health. Intact rabbit rib sections can also be included. Most cats have no problems handling the small, soft bones and it does wonders for their teeth and gums.

Our product is rounded out with fresh, whole non GMO eggs provided from our own hens and quail, water sufficient for processing, chicken heart, chicken liver, salmon and fish oils, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, apple cider vinegar, kelp powder and taurine. Nothing is ever cooked and there are zero grains, fruits or vegetables added. The food is frozen immediately to retain freshness.

I don’t feed my cats exclusively raw. They also alternate between good quality (meat or organs as top 3 ingredients) commercial canned food mixed with raw quail eggs. I like them to be adapted to both kinds of food in case one or the other is ever unavailable. This is my recommended use of my cat food product.