A Little Trip to Seattle

I recently went to visit my new nephew for the first time in Issaquah, and was lucky enough to take the Victoria clipper ferry over with my mom for company. I like the clipper ferry, it’s kind of like a plane ride with way more legroom and way more relaxed border security.

One of the days in Washington was spent in Duvall, for Thanksgiving dinner at the home of my nephew’s grandma on his dad’s side. It was great to finally get a look at the setup she has going, I had been hearing loads of stories about all the dogs, goats and sheep running the place. Truly, it was a dog paradise. There were five (six?) assorted dogs and most of them had cozy sweaters on. They had their own dog door leading into the expansive backyard and dog beds in every corner.


I was also introduced to the goats and sheep, The goats were huge, since I guess I’m used to seeing Nigerian Dwarf goats around here. Basically you could almost ride the goats, they were that big. I was informed that one of the grandkids actually has ridden the goats and I was jealous.


There were also a pair of sheep, who were completely adorable and also looked fun to ride. I think she said they were Cotswolds. Apparently I can have their fleeces when it comes time to shear them! Very excited about that.


My birthday happened while I was there, and I was taken to the aquarium for the day to celebrate. Despite how bright and vivid all the displays were, somehow I didn’t get very many good photos. It was still fun, I always enjoy any aquarium I visit.


Unfortunately I must have had too much fun and brought back with me an exotic American cold. I haven’t been sick in a few years, so I kind of forgot how to do it. I was doing okay until the Raptors Centre Christmas party, where I obviously talked too much bird talk and lost my voice. A week later, the voice is still gone but I feel the cold is finally almost on its way out.

And of course the whole reason for the trip is this little cutie pie right here. Great to finally meet you little buddy!



Copycat Costco Seafood-Stuffed Salmon

ImageThis is based on the real components used in Costco stuffed salmon, except the kind of gross Stove Top Stuffing mix has been replaced with natural ingredients. I love this dish and I know my mom loves it too! It’s actually very simple to put together and produces far better results than the store bought version. It’s easy to get the three main seafood ingredients if you have a boyfriend with a little fishing boat and you live on Vancouver Island. I’m so lucky!

Copycat Costco Stuffed Salmon

6 wild salmon filet portions (plus salt and pepper to season)
1 cup cooked white or brown rice (1/2 cup uncooked rice + 1 cup water)
1 cup fresh cooked crab meat
1 cup fresh cooked prawns, chopped roughly
1 cup Panko breadcrumbs
1 T salted butter
1/2 large yellow onion, minced
1-2 large garlic cloves, minced
4 T mayonnaise
1/2 cup grated cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese
1/2 t fresh ground pepper, ground sage, ground rosemary, celery seed
1 t kosher salt, paprika, dill (1 T fresh), parsley (1 T fresh)
1 T fresh lemon juice plus lemon wedges for garnish
1 T olive oil
1/4 t cayenne (optional)

Rinse rice and cook or use leftover rice. Saute onion in butter on medium-high heat until translucent, about 5 minutes. Add garlic and cook for one more minute. Add breadcrumbs and spices and toss well, saute for one more minute. Transfer to bowl and add the rest of the ingredients except the olive oil and the salmon. Mix well.

Slice a slit lengthwise down the middle of each salmon filet and divide your portions of stuffing into balls, pressing them firmly into the centers of each steak. Heat olive oil in a skillet on medium-high, season your salmon with salt and pepper and cook for about 5-7 minutes on each side depending on thickness and desired doneness. Allow to rest off heat for 3 minutes before serving. Garnish with lemon wedges.

Serves six but uncooked extras will keep in the fridge for up to three days, so dinner for two for three days in a row, maybe?

Catch of the Day

ImageToday after a long day of work I was surprised with a most wonderful gift, a huge Chinook salmon, freshly caught for me by my very talented boyfriend. We don’t have a scale, but he seemed to us both to be about 17 pounds. He has now been cleaned and dressed, and shares shelf space in the fridge with fresh Red Rock and Dungeness crab, spot prawns and tiger prawns, and beautiful rock cod and kelp greenling filets, all caught by the two of us in the past two days. I plan to use the salmon, crab and prawns to make a copycat Costco stuffed salmon. If it works we will be eating a lot of them, I can promise you.

Tomorrow we have a full, fun day of fishing planned and I will be collecting some sea asparagus at the marina as a side dish. The poultry may get to try some if there’s any left over. They’ve been very happy to clean up all the fish heads and guts for us in the meantime. Here’s hoping for calm seas!