Yes, it’s Safe to Use Advantage on Chickens


This is a topic I’ve found it hard to find a straight answer on… Is Advantage topical flea treatment for dogs and cats safe for use on chickens?

The answer is yes. I have a Dorking hen who had been acting sluggish and had a scaly leg mite problem for quite awhile that wasn’t responding to natural treatments (diatomaceous earth and oil dips). I was worried about her and she hadn’t started laying yet this spring, so I decided to test out the treatment.

I wouldn’t recommend this treatment except as a last resort, but it does work! I gave her a 0.4ml dosage which is appropriate for her weight (0 -10lbs), administered to the back of her neck under her feathers. Within days, she had perked up and her sore legs began to heal. She even started laying! I did not eat her eggs for fear of contamination until a four week period had passed, but I have been giving them to my dogs and cats with no ill effects.


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