Eggshells Instead of Bone Meal for the Garden


Plants need calcium, especially things like tomatoes which will suffer from blossom end-rot without sufficient amounts.

I save all my eggshells and my birds generate about 5 to 10 pounds worth per year. I dry them, crush them and every spring I spread them all over my gardens. Today was eggshell-spreading day! There are usually none left over, but when there are they get fed back to the birds who love them.


I really appreciate that I don’t have to purchase bone meal, which is a by-product of the beef industry. It’s nice using fertilizers that are generated right here on the property and it saves me money. I don’t bother crushing them to a powder, I just do the best I can and they decompose over time.

It’s a myth that eggshells will prevent slugs in your garden. Tests have shown that they actually attract them! If slugs are a concern for you, turn your eggshell into the soil so they’re covered. I don’t bother with this because my ducks eat most of the slugs around here and I like the way the shells brighten things up.



4 thoughts on “Eggshells Instead of Bone Meal for the Garden

  1. I save all of my eggshells, dry them and put them through the food processor until they are powdered. I find that adding a tablespoon or two into the hole for my tomato and pepper plants does prevent blossom-end rot. I left a few plants without it…rot!

  2. Should I agree that egg shells work as same as bone meal ? if so, then I will forget buying of bone meal forever …. but plz suggest about procedure for making eggshells powder form ready for use…what about decomposition the shells ? ..thank u. 🙂

  3. I wash my eggshells in soapy water, removing the shell membrane with a thumbnail. Rinse, then microwave (High) for two minutes to kill potential pathogens, then powderize in a coffee grinder.

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