Free Stuff!

DSC_0003I love free stuff! I finally went over to my neighborhood Starbucks and got a free bag of used coffee grounds. Apparently they have at least two big bags to get rid of per day so I’ll probably be heading there more often as it’s only a few minutes away.

I used to drink a lot of coffee but can’t touch it now as I’ve developed a super-sensitivity to caffeine. I sure do like the smell though and it’s great for the garden and the compost pile. For some reason I really enjoy being able to smell the aroma in the shop and stand in line, and then leaving with a big bag of garbage instead of a drink. The funny looks from other patrons are too good.

Another great find on the way home after I spent my fourth of July swimming at the dam, was a large Dogloo! It’s the older model, which I think is of much better quality. It was filthy, but looks almost as good as new after a vigorous scrub down. Just what we needed!


E.T. in her new house