We Have Squabs!

DSC_0018 I was in the coop today passing out corn and wheat and noticed that my first nesting female homer, the blue check, was not on her nest for like the first time ever. Since she’s nesting in a rather hidden spot that’s tough to see, I put my hand up to check what was in there and felt something warm and soft that could only be chicks.

I kind of expected that she might have chicks by now since she’s been on that nest a long time. I’m not sure how old these guys are but they’re fairly huge already. It will be exciting to watch them grow up. Should I kidnap them in a few weeks and hand raise them as pets? Decisions, decisions…

My other nesting pigeon, the white homer, abandoned her first nest and eggs for some reason, then transferred all the nesting material to the box next door and is now sitting again. Here’s hoping for at least a couple of pure white chicks to go with my blue checks.


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