Broke Your Fourth Metatarsal? My First Six Days…

When you break your foot, you suddenly have a lot of time. Therefore I’m going to chronicle what has happened to me so far. I know I’ve been Googling broken feet up the wazoo so maybe this will prove helpful to someone else in search of information.

Day One

Stepped backwards with my left foot into a one foot deep hole while gardening, about 3pm. Felt a very sharp pain and saw a blinding light. Crawled back indoors, removed shoe and sock and checked out how much I have to pay if I call an ambulance. Too much. No fun ambulance ride. Took some Ibuprofen, called boyfriend and then took a cab to the emergency room. Only way to get around was hopping on my good leg. Was given ice, X-rayed and told I had fractured my fourth metatarsal but bones were aligned well. Given one Dilaudid and a prescription for 20 more. Told to go home, wait for swelling to go down and purchase a walking cast and crutches.

Took cab home. Picked up a pair of crutches and filled prescription at pharmacy quickly before Dilaudid kicked in. Came home and was pleased with increased mobility on crutches. Completed minimum required farm chores, albeit very slowly and with difficulty. Mostly had to hop in order to carry food and water dishes. Iced foot for about one hour and kept it elevated. It was not particularly painful but that could have been the drugs. Packed it with a fresh comfrey leaf poultice which was left on overnight. Began taking one cod liver oil capsule per day as well as a dozen raw quail eggs. Also started up a daily, 20 minute oil pulling routine. Sleeping was uncomfortable and my foot kept twitching and waking me up with pain.

Day Two

The worst day. Totally exhausted. Could barely lift myself out of bed with my good leg and arms and upper body in extreme pain from using crutches. Broken foot not painful but beginning to swell. Still have not put weight on it, but it will bear the weight of my resting leg without discomfort. Washed off comfrey poultice and carefully exfoliated foot. Iced for 1 hour. Did practically nothing all day but sit with foot elevated. Took another Dilaudid and some Ibuprofen during the day which helped with overall body pain. Could not complete any farm chores and needed to enlist help. Could barely crutch anywhere as the underarm pain was too severe and good leg was too tired. Applied another comfrey poultice which was left on overnight. Sleeping was ok.

Day Three

Washed off poultice and exfoliated foot. With help, was taken to health food store and purchased alfalfa pills as well as a bone supplement which contains protein and a lot of vitamins and minerals, including horsetail, boron, vitamin K, curcumin, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Began taking both every day. Still very sore and tired but foot does not hurt. It has swelled up to twice its normal size and is beginning to turn blue. It still hurts too much to crutch very far, it chafes and my arms are tired. Stopped taking any Dilaudid or Ibuprofen as there was no pain anymore from the foot.

Also purchased a walking cast or aircast. Made my foot feel a lot more safe from accidental bumps and allowed me to more easily place it on the ground which made crutching about 20% easier. Still not putting any weight on the foot. Eating mostly vegetables and protein and not much else. Not too different from my usual diet. Drinking lots of water. Getting kind of depressed.

Day Four

Still cannot do much but body pain is subsiding slowly. I am already much stronger. Foot is very bruised but aircast is keeping swelling down. Crutching is still not fun due to chafing and I prefer to rest. Luckily I have help on this day and do not have to do chores.

Day Five

Another day similar to day four. The bruising is very evident. I do not do much all day but rest and I do not have any help. Once evening comes around I find I can walk ever so slightly on the aircast if I put most of my weight on the heel. I am overjoyed. I gingerly complete my farm chores in twice the normal time (two hours) but I’m very happy and there is minimal foot pain, more of an aching that slowly gets worse as I walk on it. Later that night there is more achiness. I apply another fresh comfrey poultice and rest.

Day Six

Washed off poultice and exfoliated foot. Foot is still a bit achy and I am reluctant to walk on it, but I can. Depression has lifted as I now know that I can complete chores around the house by myself, even if it’s very slow. Soaked foot in hot water and Epsom salt bath for 30 minutes. Swelling has reduced slightly but bruising is still evident. Walking definitely hurts, but it’s not a sharp pain, just an ache. Still trying to stay off of it as much as possible. Haven’t attempted farm chores yet today and may take some Ibuprofen to help me get through them.


Day six bruising

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