Fairy Garden

I love my mom. I’ve met a lot of moms and I like a lot of them, but none of them compare to mine. She has recently retired after many years with the same company and has now started her own blog. I am very excited to share her first post with you!

Time To Do Everything

I fell in love with Fairy Gardens the first time I saw one and have wanted to create one of my own for a very long time. So, first opportunity I got, that’s exactly what I did. The beauty of Fairy Gardens is that they are miniature plantscapes that can exist in just a single container but, if you examine one carefully, you will see that they are really whimsical little worlds that take on a life of their own. Most all Fairy Gardens will contain at least one fairy but mine does not. I have two birds, one birdhouse, one bumble bee and one lady bug.

It was easier to create a Fairy Garden than I thought. To start you need to choose a container that you like. You will need drainage so if the container does not already have one you can use a drill with a small…

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