First Californian/Creme d’Argent Hybrid Litter

californian:creme litterRight on schedule, we have our very first Californian and Creme d’Argent hybrid litter. Esther did a fantastic job as usual and kindled nine healthy kits in the box. Not to mention she pulled enough fur for ten nests.

Strangely enough, the kits from this litter appear to be almost identical in coloration to the Creme d’Argent and Silver Marten hybrid litters. I find this unusual because our Silver Martens are black but Californians are white! It will certainly be interesting if they all turn out to be agouti colored like the other hybrid kits. Time will tell!

cal:creme kit


Hybrid Kit Weights – 7 Weeks

creme:sm kit 7 wksThese are just the loveliest kits, so sweet and friendly. Here are the recorded weights for week seven: 1332g, 1309g, 1239g, 1233g, 1192g, 1160g, 1121g and 995g. Total weight of 9581g (almost 10 kilos). That’s an increase from last week of 1471g. The doe I’m considering keeping is 1239g.