Hybrid Kit Weights – 8 Weeks

DSC_0018The Creme d’Argent and Silver Marten hybrid kits are now eight weeks old. Weighing them every week really makes me realize how quickly the weeks go by. Recorded weights this week are: 1445g, 1411g, 1331g, 1319g, 1304g, 1297g, 1216g and 1109g. That’s a total of 10 kilos and 432g (10432g).

That’s an increase from last week of 851g. They’re slowing down a bit with their weight gain now but I’m still very happy with them. I weighed the purebred Silver Marten doe today that is not the runt and is just over 12 weeks old, and she was only 1775g. Meanwhile the Blue Otter Standard Rex doe I may be keeping weighed in at 2113g for just over 12 weeks. I may get out of the purebred Silver Martens after this litter. They just don’t have a great feed to growth rate ratio for meat rabbits.