Hybrid Kit Weights & Sexing – Week 5

kits 5 wksWeek five already! I decided to sex the kits while I was at it to see who was who. Here are the results: 800g (buck), 755g (buck), 708g (doe), 697g (doe), 674g (doe), 653g (buck), 615g (buck) and 549g (buck). That’s a total weight increase of 1292g from last week. I wish the bigger kits were does, but they may still catch up. I’ll have to keep my eye on them. Both of the reddish-colored kits turned out to be bucks.

I’m planning to bring the older Rex and Silver Marten kits I have for sale to the Oceanside Poultry Swap this Sunday, July 6th. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell a few, but I don’t think rabbits sell very well at these meets, just from personal observation. It can’t hurt though, you never know. It will be my first time selling anything at the Poultry Swap, so that’s very fun. Not sure I would attempt it if I didn’t have my helpful boyfriend and his beautiful truck though. It’s hard getting over a dozen rabbits and their cages into a hatchback!

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