Delicious Little Quails


My hard-working boyfriend will be visiting me tomorrow, and I know he’s been itching to try some quail.

My last hatch was about 55% males and so today the extras had to go. They will no longer be calling out for pumpkin pie, as I like to interpret the Coturnix crow. I also have fresh rabbit and Muscovy duck breast resting in the fridge so I’m hoping to satisfy some gustatory lustfulness this trip. I hope he’s hungry! I’m not too worried…

With quail this fresh, it’s hard to do much more than add salt and fresh pepper and saute in butter. The taste is like juicy, tender filet mignon wrapped in bacon with just a touch of gaminess. I know someone’s mouth will be watering as they read this, see you tomorrow Stew!

Sexing the Short-Listed Rexes

ImageHere you can see my cage with the six potential Standard Rex keepers. I am planning to keep one doe, although I’d love to keep more. Standard Rexes are really lovely rabbits, personality-wise. Not to mention their beautiful, unique fur.

I sexed them today, and to my delight I have four does and two bucks. The Self Black is a buck, and so is one of the Blue Otters. The other two Blue Otters, including the largest, and friendliest with the best markings is also a little doe. Jackpot!

So basically, unless something happens I will be keeping this little girl. I’d love to keep the black buck, but who am I kidding, I already have plenty of bucks. That’s the problem with having too many different breeds and wanting to keep them pure.

I did a little posing with them and they all seem to have fairly good body type, although some look a little long in the shoulder. Tuna, their mom is a very nicely-proportioned girl but their sire Timmy is kind of a mess in that department. He’s just a pet store bunny after all.

So now I have to think of a fitting name for this lovely girl. Ideas?


Week Two – Hybrid Kits

ImageEsther’s hybrid kits are all doing very well. I haven’t lost any and I don’t plan to. I’ve been giving them lots of fresh blackberry bramble, dandelions and grass like I did with the last two Rex and Silver Marten litters, as it seems to have done them all good despite fears of introducing greens to kits too early. Esther has been eating greens regularly throughout her pregnancy so I’m not too worried. It saves me food costs and helps to tame the babies as they look forward to my opening the cage every day for treats. These babies are a bit young for that yet, but they’ve already started nibbling on leaves. I also just really like to stick it to the blackberries since they think they own the place.

ImageThe kits are all agouti, as usual, although some are darker and some are more reddish than others. I can tell they’re well fed and happy because they are very complacent about being held.