Sexing the Short-Listed Rexes

ImageHere you can see my cage with the six potential Standard Rex keepers. I am planning to keep one doe, although I’d love to keep more. Standard Rexes are really lovely rabbits, personality-wise. Not to mention their beautiful, unique fur.

I sexed them today, and to my delight I have four does and two bucks. The Self Black is a buck, and so is one of the Blue Otters. The other two Blue Otters, including the largest, and friendliest with the best markings is also a little doe. Jackpot!

So basically, unless something happens I will be keeping this little girl. I’d love to keep the black buck, but who am I kidding, I already have plenty of bucks. That’s the problem with having too many different breeds and wanting to keep them pure.

I did a little posing with them and they all seem to have fairly good body type, although some look a little long in the shoulder. Tuna, their mom is a very nicely-proportioned girl but their sire Timmy is kind of a mess in that department. He’s just a pet store bunny after all.

So now I have to think of a fitting name for this lovely girl. Ideas?


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