Muscovy Ducklings at Six Weeks


The ducklings have been with us for for almost two weeks now and are settling in very well. Today, much of the coop floor is being excavated by the hard-working boyfriend and we’re going to lay at least a foot of woodchips down. This should help cut down on the mud. Bonus is that all the manure-rich material that was dug out went straight into my tomato and tomatillo beds.

If all goes as planned, we’ll have more Muscovy ducklings hatching out the beginning of July. It’s going to be very ducky around here!

Hybrid Kit Weights – 3 Weeks

ImageAlthough I’ve been breeding rabbits for awhile now, I’ve never done weekly weigh-ins. Since I may keep one of the hybrid does, I’m curious how they compare to other rabbits, so I’m going to try it with this litter.

Esther’s hybrid kits are a day shy of three weeks old today. The recorded weights are 240g, 289g, 227g, 240g, 212g, 300g, 253g and 268g.

You can see the variation in coat color very well now. The kits from this litter are less consistently colored as her previous ones, and I quite like the lighter, reddish ones.