Narrowing Down


Black Otter Standard Rex kit, almost 6 weeks old

Today I separated out all the Standard Rex kits I have my eye on as potential keepers. Please, please don’t let all the Blues be bucks! I put them in a top tier cage where it’s easiest to give them attention. If I’m going to be keeping someone, I want them to be well socialized with me.

Tuna was also rebred to Timmy today, although she was a little cranky and only allowed him to seal the deal once. Hopefully that was enough. Rosalind was scheduled to be rebred again today too, but she’s still recovering from her mastitis, so I’m going to wait. The swelling has gone down completely and all that remains is a little hole with some cheesy discharge. I like to think that the daily fresh dandelion greens, oat grass and comfrey have been at least partially responsible for her fast recovery. I know all the rabbits have been thriving on their fresh green rations lately.

Ros can be stubborn if she’s been left alone too long, so I was really hoping to breed her while she still has kits. Oh well. I might let the smallest kits stay with her until she’s fully well and perhaps that will work best for everyone.


Blue Otter Standard Rex kit, almost 6 weeks old

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