Quail Chicks Have Hatched

DSC_0042It’s day 18 of incubation and so far 33 chicks have hatched out of 72 eggs. This isn’t too bad considering my adult birds are getting a little on the old side. I’ll be choosing my new breeding flock from these chicks and retiring the older birds.

It was a good hatch this time, no issues, but I did get another chick with bulging eyes, like last time. This chick uses a scanning motion to look around which is very unusual. I don’t expect him to make it. There is also another chick who took three days to come out of his shell and who I finally helped break free. He can’t stand up and will likely not survive either. Other than that, it’s a great healthy clutch. Lots of whites as well as quite a few silvers and tuxedos. Mushrooms is very proud.


5 thoughts on “Quail Chicks Have Hatched

    • I’m not sure. I’ve had two chicks so far born this way and both died within the first week. This hatch I also had a chick that wouldn’t grow and developed swollen legs. It could be due to the silver lethal gene.

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