The Foster Litter

DSC_0010You might remember that we lost one of our senior rabbits not long ago, right after she had kindled a litter. Using what I have now dubbed my Foster Juggling technique, I was actually able to save every single kit! So now there are 22 healthy and happy seven week old baby bunnies that were raised by only two moms. Fantastic! Now to get them out of here!

These kits are all Standard Rex/Californian crosses and Creme d’Argent/Californian crosses. The Creme crosses are nothing new, we have bred them several times and they grow into large, friendly rabbits in shades of agouti, dark brown and black. I love these crosses and I am growing a few out to see how they do as breeders.

DSC_0009The Rex/Cal crosses are new, and they are interesting little bunnies. Some of them look very much like Silver Martens, while others have the tan and white markings of a Black Otter Rex. A few even have extra soft and shiny coats which must be a result of the Rex fur genetics, although actual Rex fur does not show up in the first generation. I love how chunky these kits have turned out to be, with large heads and glossy, compact little bodies.

All of the babies from all three litters are black or dark brown this time except for one little agouti girl. This is pretty much because genetically Californians are actually black rabbits although they are white-furred.

DSC_0007It was getting crowded in there so today I did a little bit of sexing and reorganizing of bunnies to give everyone a bit more breathing room. Some bunnies will now be enjoying tractor life, where they get moved to fresh grass each day. The smallest ones will be living with their moms for a while longer and enjoying garden trimmings like sunflower leaves and stalks and rosemary clippings.

Since I’m planning a trip soon to visit my brand-new nephew, I would love to rehome these bunnies as soon as possible. They’re all on sale for $20 each, both bucks and does.