Plumage Progress

DSC_0053I’ve been posting about Bert a lot, but I really am fascinated to see the progress of his adult feathers coming in.

He has now lost most of his “headdress” or neck feathers, and the replacement pinfeathers are visible. He also has new pinfeathers over his eyes.

DSC_0044DSC_0045The last of his old tail feathers have fallen and the fresh pointy tips of his new ones are poking out. He’ll be a lot less agile once his full tail grows out, it will be more than twice the length of his body!

DSC_0031He seems to realize that his main job is to be gorgeous, and happily poses for the camera in exchange for treats. One of the cats even reached up to touch noses with him the other day and he barely flinched. What a bird.


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