Photos of the New Rex Litter

DSC_0050I have some requests from potential buyers for pics of this litter, so I figured I might as well share them with everyone.

DSC_0054These kits are now twelve days old. As it turns out, there are two black otters, two blue otters and two solid self-blacks. One of the black otters has funny little bent over crumpled ears. I’m sure they’ll straighten out in time.

DSC_0042I think the reason I thought they were all blue at first is that the Rex black is much lighter when they’re born than in some of the other breeds I have. I’ll have to remember that.

DSC_0044My other Standard Rex Bluefin is due to kindle her very first litter on the 23rd. I gave her a nestbox today and she kind of exploded it.


Yes, there is actually a nest and a rabbit underneath all that


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