Squab Update

DSC_0033Well, here is the first squab born here looking all grown up at 38 days old. Isn’t he handsome? It’ll be awhile yet before I actually know if it’s a hen or a cock. I’ve been using colored zip ties for banding thus far, but I’ll be ordering proper bands soon. At the rate everyone is reproducing I’ll need them.

DSC_0029And here are the first two pure white squabs born here at about two weeks old. They like to stand up and look menacing and click their beaks when I get too close, to scare me away. Too bad it doesn’t work! I banded both of them today and luckily didn’t have anybody die on me like last time. Phew! These two birds will be the first ones trained for release since they were born here, unlike their parents. I’m very excited for that.

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