Owl Rescue


I was lucky enough to get sent out on an owl rescue call today, where I captured this adorable little guy. He’s a fully-grown, great-horned owl.

He is very underweight and seems to have had head trauma, as one of his eyes is not looking or working right. Fortunately both his wings seem to be in good flapping order and he was pretty alert and took a tidbit of quail from me.


We gave him some fluids and some pain relief and he will be allowed to recuperate in a warm enclosure. Hopefully he’ll make it through the first 24 hours and start eating and recovering soon!

(Update: Sadly his head trauma was too severe and this little guy had to be humanely euthanized. Sorry little buddy.)

Great Horned Owl on the Glove


Here is one of our beautiful male Great Horned owls. This species has a lot of variation in plumage color, and this particular owl is from further north so he is very light. In these photos I have brought him out of his aviary to soak up some warm spring sunshine


What an absolute sweetie he is. The little sounds an owl makes when they are content would melt your heart.