First Champagne d’Argent Litter


After almost two years of failure, first with a doe who just wouldn’t take and was later diagnosed with a very unusual amount of internal body fat despite a lean diet; then with our current doe who stubbornly refused to breed for nearly six months, we finally have our first purebred Champagne d’Argent litter!

I’m so relieved! This litter has been such a long time coming that I started to wonder if we would ever get any kits at all. In the meantime, our Champagne buck Gonzague has already sired at least half a dozen hybrid litters. I knew the issue definitely wasn’t with him.

Mathurine’s first litter went as smoothly as can be. Although she was a couple of days late, she pulled fur like a wild woman and gave birth to nine healthy kits, a very respectable first try. Champagne d’Argent kits are all black at birth and slowly develop their silvering with time. I’m looking forward to observing their progression!

If you’d like to reserve a Champagne d’Argent rabbit, please get in touch with us ASAP to get on the waiting list. They are purebred and pedigreed from an excellent lineage.


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