Bunny Update


Broken blue otter Rex buck

The babies are now a little over a month old and looking very cute. They are eating piles of fresh wild forage each day from our little organic field, which has really been taking off. They hardly eat any pellets at all, and I find this makes them extra healthy and friendly as they look forward to their daily greens.

I did a quick once over and so far it seems like all the bunnies I picked out for the shoot today are bucks except for the little Californian at the end. The photos represent all the colors we have in the current four litters. I have multiple chestnut agouti kits as well as the ticked black. Enjoy!


Broken blue otter Rex buck, right side


Broken black otter Rex buck


Broken black otter Rex, left side


Opal Rex buck


Opal Rex buck, left side


Creme/Rex/Champagne buck


Creme/Rex/Champagne buck, left side


Chestnut agouti Creme/Champagne buck


Chestnut agouti Creme/Champagne buck, right side


Californian doe


Californian doe, right side



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