Two More Beehives


It’s official, I have bee fever. Yet I still do not have a single bee tenant.

Of course, I am still on the waiting list for a nuc and I have also signed up for the local swarm retrieval list, even despite having zero experience. A friendly neighborhood beekeeper has promised to alert me if there is an easily accessible swarm reported in my area, and that he will come and show me the ropes and even let me keep the bees! Fingers crossed.

In the meantime I have purchased two more hot wax dipped hives to match my first one, and I have set them all up in the dappled sunshine under my wild cherry tree facing south east. I have also applied lemongrass oil swarm lure to them just in case any scout bees happen along.


I have also stocked up on deep and medium supers and frames to fill them, since as I understand it when you need one you need it now. I have also acquired a bee smoker and found plans to build myself a couple of simple wooden nuc boxes for the future. Wish me luck!