Peregrine Falcon on the Glove


I wanted to share some shots of one of our female peregrine falcons being manned while hooded. The hood works because in most birds, their instinct when it gets dark is to become quiet and still. This is also where the term “hoodwinked” comes from. This little girl is so serious, she’ll sometimes try to fly while hooded! Not good.

She may be naughty sometimes but she sure is pretty.




2 thoughts on “Peregrine Falcon on the Glove

  1. Speechless!

    I have a fascination for birds, but mostly for birds of prey as of late. To see their wingspan in the skies as they soar to unimaginable heights is breath taking. I have already promised myself if there is a such thing as reincarnation then I would be an eagle, first choice hands down, second choice, a Falconer!

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