First Raised Bed Complete


I had to take time off after the last time I worked on this bed, since it got cold and the ground froze. Now it’s nicely thawed again and I spent a little while before farm chores today to finish it off.

It now has both its ends completed, two cross bars in the middle to keep it from bowing out, and I have ground down the tips of a few screws that pushed through the wood into the inside. The tips were barely visible, but I did not wish to be reminded of them later on while gardening.


If you’re wondering how the thin ends of the triangular side pieces are attached, there is a block of wood inside securing them to the top piece.


The bed is already almost half filled with rabbit manure, chicken manure, kitchen scraps and kitty manure. It will be good to get bed number two started soon, since I don’t want to overload them with fresh manure. They have only a few months before spring planting to mellow out, and I don’t want my plants to burn.


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