Yacon for Rabbits

DSC_0005Last year I bought a small yacon plant, which is an edible Peruvian tuber. I’ve never tried it before, but I like unusual plants, especially edible ones. It grew very large over the summer and I’m sure there is now a nice crown of tubers in the pot ready to sample. From what I’ve read, they are crispy and sweet when eaten raw.

In the meantime, it’s not a frost tolerant plant as far as I know, so the foliage’s days are numbered. Since I was doing some tidying up in the garden today, I decided to snip off some of the larger stems and see what the rabbits thought of them. I had already read online that they were safe to feed, and the thick stems and leaves were very similar to sunflowers, which I know the bunnies love.

Turns out they were very enthusiastic about them, although somewhat less so that with sunflowers. I’m always glad to find a new crop that the bunnies approve of.


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