Meet Caraway!

DSC_0090Caraway is the first bunny born at Abernathy’s to reach 5 lbs at ten weeks old. Her mother was Esther, my Creme d’Argent, and her sire was Timmy, my Standard Rex buck who is now retired.

She had an identical sister who also reached 5 lbs at ten weeks and was sold to another breeder. Caraway was a bit heavier than her sibling and actually weighed something like 5.1 lbs on the day BEFORE she turned ten weeks old so she was the one who got to stay. Both sisters have gorgeous personalities.

She’s the first hybrid bunny that I’ve kept, and that was based on her grow out rate. Most bunnies born here take at least 12 to 14 weeks to reach 5 lbs, and that’s not ideal for meat production. She’s nine pounds now but she may get a bit bigger yet.

DSC_0088Caraway is a gorgeous agouti color with a few white hairs sprinkled in for good measure, and is a nice big girl who is very sweet and calm, like all my Creme hybrids.

She is now just about 6 months old and was bred for the first time today to Scorch, my Californian buck. In one month we shall see if she passes down her good genetics to her descendants. If she kindles on time, the kits will share my birthday.


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