Forest the Horse

DSC_0013I know I posted a few weeks ago about Kermodie, the white horse I was going to lease. Well, that fell through and instead I am leasing a different horse at a different stable. His name is Forest and he’s a ten year old Andalusian/Appaloosa cross gelding. That Spanish blood seems to equal a lot of personality!

DSC_0020He’s a very fun horse to ride, and we went on our first big three-hour group ride today. I almost got my eye poked out by a wayward branch, but luckily dodged it just in time and only have a bloody gouge underneath it now. I’ll have to be more careful next time, as I use my eyes a lot and would like to hold on to them.

Forest was trained in reining and has been very responsive with me so far. He has a few quirks, he likes to lick your hand like a dog and he likes to try to nip my arms. We’ll have to work on that!


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