My Boys

DSC_0007Although I’ve had cats all my life, I always had girl cats. I don’t know why, I guess I didn’t want to deal with spraying or cystitis. Of course now I have three girl cats who spray and Fred, the former stray, who has cystitis issues.

Then mama cat and her kittens showed up, and Fred moved in and all of a sudden I had three boy cats.


DSC_0034I love my boys. The two kittens, Jeffie and Fluffy One, are almost a year old now. They are a constant source of joy for me and are always by my side. Fluffy One will start up a meowing fit if there is ever a door between us, and can basically jump about five feet into the air if he sees a bug. He is strange little cat, and insists on eating all my cucumber peelings when I make a salad. He gets excited when I call him for his “green spaghetti”. If I forget to give them to him in a bowl he will sneak on the counter and eat them when I’m not looking.

DSC_0025DSC_0027Jeffie sleeps with me every night, and when I wake up and lean on one shoulder to check my iPad, he climbs up and lies down on the other one with his paws hanging down, touching my cheek. If I have been playing too long he will come down and try to eat my fingers. I will also get my fingers eaten if I have been typing at my desk too long when I should be playing with him. He doesn’t really meow, instead he just has a high-pitched “meeeeeeee”.


DSC_0030The two brothers love each other very much. Aren’t they sweet?


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