Kitten Update

The kittens are now almost six weeks old. It’s hard to imagine that some people adopt out kittens at this age. Sure they’re eating solid food but they’re definitely still nursing. Looking at them, I’m pretty sure my current three adult cats were also six weeks old when I got them even though they were listed at eight weeks. They have a few problems which I think must result from being removed so young even though they’re awesome.

So far these kittens have been fed exclusively on a homemade raw diet, and they love it. The momma cat came to us with chronic diarrhea which cleared up almost right away after switching to raw, and she loves it too. Especially the rabbit! I’ll be posting my methods and recipe soon.

Here are four of the beautiful five. The creamy peach kitten refused to venture into the sunbeam today so he didn’t get his picture taken.


Tortoiseshell girl. This tiny lady has been following me around for weeks now.


Ginger tabby boy. This is the crybaby of the bunch, I think he was the runt. He is also the one who likes cuddling in laps the best.


Fluffy boy, tabby mix. This kitten is like a rag doll, he is silly and floppy.


This is Moss, the tuxedo boy with a Manx tail. He’s the chunkiest of the bunch and has some very funny expressions.

I want to keep all the kittens, what should I do?!

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