Nest Box Day – Hybrid Silver Marten x Creme d’Argent Litters


Esther usually kindles on day 32 or 33 when bred to Saturn

It’s day 28 for Esther and her daughter, Io. They were both bred at the same time to Saturn, my lovely Silver Marten buck. Esther is definitely pregnant, we’ve been through a few litters together already and I can tell. Her belly is very rounded when she lies down and she’s started to pull a little bit of fur.

Eleven month old Io on the other hand will be delivering her first litter, if she is indeed pregnant. Hard to tell with her, she looks very much the same as usual. I’ve learned that looks can be deceiving though, especially with a new mother. She gets really snippy when the dog comes too near her cage lately so maybe that’s an indication. I wonder if she’ll be a late kindler like her mom?


Io in her nest box

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