Further Insanity from Cactus Kingdom Scammer

I thought this was over! Turns out that Shaun (or Shawn, or Shahan or Grunsii Echino or whatever he’s calling himself these days) doesn’t give up on his $50 so easily!

I got a message this morning from my credit card company asking me to give them a call back regarding the dispute I filed against Cactus Kingdom a couple of months ago. You can read the story of the whole crazy debacle here.

Later on in the day I received a letter from them containing documents that Shaun of Cactus Kingdom had sent them, supposedly proving that he had sent me a replacement order with tracking information, and that I had so far refused to return it, and thus I was not entitled to a refund.

A replacement order you say? Well for starters, I told him multiple times via email that I did not want a replacement under any circumstances, since he seemed to have no idea how to ship plants properly and I did not want to receive another package of dripping green goo. So there’s that.

But the most interesting thing about the so called ‘replacement order’ was the tracking information. According to the paperwork, it was shipped on March 24th from Niagara Falls, New York. Then it went to Toronto, Ontario. Without passing customs. THEN it went to Chicago, again without passing customs; and THEN it went to… Well it says on the paperwork that it went directly to my postal code in BC, Canada. Now that is the absolute strangest shipping sequence I have ever seen. Not to mention his business isn’t located in New York, it’s located in Ontario.

The parcel was marked as delivered on April 5th. Well, I never received anything, so I decided to call Canada Post. I gave the tracking number to the agent and was told that this item had been delivered on April 5th to an address in KELOWNA, BC. Kelowna BC is about 500 kilometers and a ferry ride away from where I live. Hilarious!

So now it would seem that Cactus Kingdom is sending forged documents to my credit card company and is basically committing mail fraud… To try and save himself $50.

I’m pretty much beyond impressed at the ridiculousness of this guy at this point. He would have known I wouldn’t receive anything and of course would check the tracking number and discover the forgery. I’m starting to think I’m the only customer he’s ever had!

In better news, I ordered a new batch of Pereskiopsis spathulata cuttings from a seller in the US off of Amazon which arrived properly packaged and in very good condition. They have already taken off like gangbusters and I’m very happy with them. I have made sure to leave them excellent reviews!