Spring 2017 Cats and Garden


The long cold winter is finally giving way to warmer days and the garden is slowly coming back to life. Whenever I spend time out in the garden I have my little furry companions out to help me. They’re so cute!


The valerian near the chicken coop is going to be huge this year, I can tell. The lungwort is blooming, the lupines are pushing up with their star-shaped leaves and the rhubarb has definitely multiplied!


Here are a couple of pots of wild mint that I harvested down at the river last year, don’t know what kind exactly but glad they made it! It has a fresh, mild minty flavor.


Of course, not all the girls wanted to join me in the garden today, this little one was content to lounge inside on her heated cat bed until my photo-taking woke her up!


New Garden Resident


I finally bit the bullet and ordered a few yards of mulch and fish compost today. Boy I love a big, black pile of dirt! While spreading fresh mulch in my front gardens I noticed this little green fellow sitting on a rhubarb leaf. He looks like a tree frog. I wonder how he got here?

I do know that the only reason he can exist here is because of my new garden. There are many more cool hiding spaces, bugs and worms now. Before I moved here there would have been nowhere at all for him to stay. It’s nice knowing that my gardening efforts have attracted admirers! I hope he sticks around.


Even the frogs have cat hair on them around here

DSC_0052 DSC_0054