End of October Garden

DSC_0100Just wanted to share a few photos I took in the garden today.

Unbelievably, I actually have purple cauliflower! I wasn’t expecting these guys to survive the slugs but somehow they powered through and have formed a few small heads. The variety is called “graffiti”. I planted orange cauliflower at the same time, “cheddar”, but somehow they decided to do this:

DSC_0102Oh well. The ducks and chickens sure enjoy them!

DSC_0004These are arugula seedlings that were planted last week in a few big containers recently vacated by tomatoes and cukes. They seem to enjoy the cooler weather and if I can keep them growing for another month or so I’ll be super happy because I love using it in salads and sandwiches.

DSC_0001My neighbors have a giant English laurel hedge that borders on my property. Since I’ve read that it roots well as cuttings, I decided to take a few so I can plant a hedge next year that will eventually grow to hide a chain link fence and a view of the train tracks.

DSC_0002And here is the first little flower to appear on the yacon plant. I wasn’t sure we’d get any flowers this year as it was in a container, but it seems determined to bloom before it’s killed off by frost. I love the symmetrical leaves on this Peruvian tuber.

DSC_0003And last of course is adorable Tiny Chicken, who is my faithful gardening companion. She is always full of advice on any topic and makes sure to dispatch any worms I might dislodge.