New Baby Muscovy Ducks!

ImageBeing super busy with taxes today meant I got out to feed the animals a little later than usual. As I was feeding the quail I kept hearing a little peeping sound near the older ducklings. I kept looking to see which one was peeping but couldn’t see any lips moving, ha. Was it the quail? It was a peep that was a little out of place.

Suddenly I noticed a little brown ball of fluff beside the duck pool. BABIES! I grabbed the little guy and put him in a safe spot. When I looked into the nestbox, I saw two more ducklings in with mama, so I put him in too.

I’m so excited! These are the first ducklings that have ever been born here. The colors look interesting and I wonder how they’ll turn out. They seem mostly brownish. The drake, their father, is black and their mother looks like pied lilac. I know Muscovy color genetics are fairly specific and you usually only get one or two colors each time. Generally the ducklings will look a lot like the parents although there are exceptions. You can see what I mean here:

Now I just have to figure out how to feed them chick starter without everyone else eating it all first!