Rex/Creme Hybrid Kits 10 Week Weigh-In

DSC_0004You’ll know from my past posts about hybrid kits that they consistently outperform my purebred kits as far as grow-out speed. Well, this litter of Creme d’Argent/Standard Rex kits are the biggest bunnies yet.

I wondered out loud not long ago if there was anyone achieving 5lb live weight rabbit fryers at 10 weeks of age. Back then, this seemed like an impossibility and all my kits needed at least 12-16 weeks to get anywhere near that. Well, today I’ve seen that it can be done.

The hybrid kits are one day shy of ten weeks old today. Two of the does have been sold but the two I have left are HUGE. The boys are also large but I have never seen does this big before. I weighed them today and they came in at 2063g and 2226g. That means the heaviest doe is already 4.9lbs. That is mind boggling.

DSC_0001I also weighed the largest of my purebred Californian does, who are one day older than the hybrid kits. She weighed in at a measly 1500g. Tell me how Californians were specially bred as meat rabbits again??

DSC_0006I think I’m going to have to hang on to the largest agouti doe as a breeder. Her and her sister are the sweetest rabbits, so easy to handle and loving. The other day they were giving me kisses for almost an hour. I’d love to find a good home for the one I can’t keep, it would be a shame to have to butcher her. She’d make an awesome breeding doe for someone’s meat program.

Another Case for Hybrid Vigor? Comparing Weights at 7 Weeks

I have two seven week old litters of rabbit kits right now, one are purebred Californians and one are Creme d’argent/Californian hybrids. The hybrid kits are actually a day younger than the Cals.

Well today was sexing and weighing day. Visually, the purebred kits were a lot smaller to me. I have heard that Cals can look smaller while still making weight so I was interested to see the results. Both litters have been on the same diet, with the Cals being a litter of 8 and the hybrids a litter of 9.

Well, chalk another one up for hybrid vigor because the mixed kits are a LOT bigger than the purebreds.

Californian kit weights: 918g (buck), 952g (doe), 966g (buck), 975g (doe), 1015g (buck), 1035g (buck), 1077g (buck) and 1098g (doe). Average weight per kit: 1005g.

Hybrid Cal/Creme kit weights: 1127g (buck), 1153g (doe), 1180g (doe), 1229g (doe), 1270g (doe), 1287g (doe), 1327g (doe), 1346g (buck) and 1357g (doe). Average weight per kit: 1253g. That’s 248g more than the Cals who are a day older. That’s nearly half a pound heavier each!