My Ducks


The lilac drake

Muscovy ducks were the first livestock of choice here on my little homestead, and unfortunately met to an untimely end.

Since then, I’ve had many more Muscovies and am now down to just two, a nice little brown duck and a mottled lilac drake, both with white heads. I hope to get a second hen at some point soon to form a trio. Muscovies are great for urban or city coops because they are basically silent, brood their own ducklings, are prolific, do not require a pool and you can keep a male, unlike with most chicken bylaws.

I like the solid brown, bronze or black coloration in these ducks. I had a beautiful solid brown duck last fall who flew away permanently after my other duck went crazy and chased her out of the yard. She also killed my solid black drake by biting his neck until he bled to death. She foiled my plans good. Needless to say I was pretty pissed at her, and she ended up being culled. She was the mother of these two but I’m pretty sure they had different fathers. They seem like much nicer ducks than their mom, thankfully.


The brown duck