New Spring Bunnies Part 2


Opal’s small litter

As predicted, the last two does kindled on Friday and now all our first spring bunnies have arrived.

Fire Opal had a small purebred Standard Rex litter of three, two broken blue/opal and one broken black. Esther had a Creme d’Argent/Champagne d’Argent litter of six. With the bunnies that were born Thursday, that makes a total of 28.

The advantage of having does all due at the same time is I can even out the litter sizes for better survival rates. Most of the kits from these litters are pretty distinct looking, so I’ll still be able to tell who’s who once they mature.

I took four kits from Caraway and added them to Fire Opal’s nest, leaving them both with seven. Then I took one pink kit from Samphire and put it in with Esther’s agouti litter, leaving them both also with seven each. A very reasonable number that each mom should have no trouble taking care of properly.


Esther’s Argent cross litter

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