Second Raised Bed Complete


This middle bed was knocked out more quickly than the first, but the leveling and alignment took way more time.

Now that it’s in, I can see that the grade of the yard next to the fence is higher than the center here, and I’ll have to figure out a strategy for dealing with that. The grade needs to come down a bit anyway to allow more clearance for the bottom of the fence. My preference would be to fill this whole area around the garden beds in with woodchip mulch.

Much of the backyard is a muddy pit right now and major regrading and updating need to be done everywhere. At least the garden beds will be nice and level so I can use them as reference.

Bed two has a deep, rich layer of decomposed woodchips and compost at the bottom of it, and to this I have been adding partly composted rabbit manure and bedding. I’ll try to fill it up with as much as possible since the rats are using this compost pile as a hideout and they need to be evicted. The top six inches of the bed will be chicken pen flooring or finished fish compost.

I’m so glad to finally have this bed done. At last I can plant some new things! I’m planning to put in peas, carrots, mouse melons, johnny jump ups, and maybe a tomato.