Down to Nine

DSC_0021Well, the lone sweet girl kitten was escorted to her new home today, a day shy of 14 weeks old.

This was hard for me, since I have become attached to all of the kittens, but the little girl especially so. She was the first one to begin following me around dutifully at about three weeks old, much sooner than her brothers could even really walk. Whenever I would talk to the kittens, she would come running, thinking I must be talking to her. She was my little shadow who liked to lick drips of water from my fingers. She was the smallest of all the kittens and her voice was but a squeak.

I am heartened by the fact that she will be living a life much better than I could give her. She now resides in a big, beautiful home on a very quiet street with a huge property backing on to a bird sanctuary. She will grow up with three very calm and gentle kids, another young rescue cat, and two dogs. One of which is reported to enjoy cuddling kittens. She will get to know chickens and ducks and be with her children all day since they are homeschooled. She seemed very pleased to be there and I’m sure they’ll take excellent care of her.

I really am so glad I decided to have all the kittens fixed before bringing them to their new homes. It was expensive, but they have all healed so incredibly quickly and well that I would not hesitate to do it again. They were done at about 13 weeks old and all were over three pounds. It gives me such peace of mind knowing for sure that the cycle of kittens has stopped here. There are so many deserving homeless cats already.

Two of the boy kittens are scheduled for a trip to their prospective new homes in Victoria on Saturday. I’m hoping these homes will be just as good as the first one and I can leave them knowing I’ve done the best I could to get them started in their new lives. I know that they’ll bring a lot of joy to their new families.

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