For Sale 2020



Hybrid Breeding Program

We’ve decided to move away from purebred rabbits and focus instead on producing the very best hybrids that we can. We’ve found over the years that hybridization is the key to good grow out rates in our meat rabbit operation. Our hybrid rabbits are healthier, friendlier and produce more meat and better quality pelts. They also make better pets!

Rabbits are selling out quickly this year for obvious reasons. If you’d like to reserve kits, we require a 50% deposit, refundable only if we do not have the sex of rabbit requested available.


Rex X Californian X Creme d’Argent X Champagne d’Argent Hybrids

These are specially bred meat hybrids that are fast growers and come in black to agouti tones, generally with some silvering. They are easy to handle, easy breeders and have sweet temperaments. Raised on non GMO feed and fresh organic greens. Adults average about 10 to 12 lbs.

Current Litter: Rarebit X Butternut
2 kits
Kindled: June 27, 2020
Available: Aug 8, 2020
Kits are 1/2 Champagne, 1/4 Californian, 1/8 Rex and 1/8 Creme
Bucks $35, does $40
(This is Butternut’s last litter, she is being retired)

Current Litter: Rarebit X Valerian
8 kits

Kindled: June 26, 2020
Available: Aug 7 , 2020
Kits are 1/2 Champagne, 1/4 Rex, 1/8 Creme and 1/8 Californian
Bucks $35, does $40

Current Litter: Rarebit X Snowdrop
9 kits

Kindled: June 27, 2020
Available: Aug 8, 2020
Kits are 1/2 Champagne, 1/4 Rex and 1/4 Creme
Bucks $35, does $40


8 thoughts on “For Sale 2020

  1. Do you have any silver quail chicks available if not do you have hatching eggs for them? And how much would either be with shipping. I’m in louisiana

  2. I’m looking for a Male Mate for my Lola girl Creme D Argent Rabbit she is a year old I prefer a Creme color Buck , please call me or email me the price I’m in Dallas , Tx. 75154 area 469-235-5443

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