Broken Rex Litters at Two Weeks


Broken castor Rex kit

These bunnies are growing fast!

I’ve noticed that at about one week of age, their intricate spotted patterns begin to coalesce into larger areas of color. I sort of expected this to happen because you just don’t see adult rabbits with such well-defined spots. That’s ok.


Solid castor Rex kit


Black otter Rex kit


Broken opal or blue otter Rex kit


Broken castor Rex kit

The colors are really starting to come in on these little guys, and I have a better idea of what we’ve got. Opal has a gorgeous solid castor, broken castor, broken black otter, and what may be broken opal. Bluefin’s litter contains broken opal, opal, what looks like broken blue otter, as well as a couple of black otters.


Opal Rex kit


Broken castor Rex kit

If I had my way I’d keep a half dozen of these beauties. Right now I’m very tempted to keep the full castor kit as the Rex castor fur is exactly like a luxurious beaver pelt.


Bluefin’s litter

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